Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand Inc grew from a group formed in 2009 by Auckland lawyers and other professionals following training provided by the University of Technology Sydney. This collaborative practice group is expanding throughout New Zealand as more professionals are trained.

The aim of The Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand Inc is to develop and support a form of family law dispute resolution that is respectful, future focused and operates outside of the litigation process.

Collaborative lawyers work together with and draw upon the expertise of a range of trained professionals, including accountants, child experts, financial advisers, counsellors and psychologists to assist people to resolve disputes about their children, property and finances.

The members of The Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand Inc are committed to helping people resolve disputes using a non adversarial and client-centred process.

Tony is a member of the Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand and attended the first training session in 2009. Currently, he is one of only two Chartered Accountants in Auckland to have attended this training and to be acknowledged as an expert in this field. He recently participated by way of a joint appointment in one of the first collaborative practice resolutions undertaken in Auckland.

Chief Family Court Judge Boshier says of collaborative practice:

“Collaborative Family Law Practice is an important tool in the resolution of family disputes. That it has grown in use, in other common law countries, is indicative of the important place it occupies. We must constantly strive for efficient and economic dispute resolution methods, and I recommend the collaborative model as insightful and helpful. I hope it receives the interest here that it has elsewhere”