About Tony

Tony’s professional work includes more than 25 years experience as a chartered accountant in New Zealand and Australia. During this time, he established successful practices in the Bay of Islands and Auckland, providing accounting and taxation services to individuals and companies involved in a broad range of industries.

Tony completed an MBA at Auckland University in 1993 after which his focus became more involved in forensic accounting and business and share valuations including for family law matters. Since 2001, he has been totally involved in this aspect of Chartered Accounting which includes three years in Sydney with Horwath (NSW) Pty Limited’s Corporate and Forensic Accounting Services division. In 2005, Tony returned to New Zealand and took up a position with Horwath Porter Wigglesworth (HPW). HPW and WHK merged in 2007. Tony remained in WHK’s Corporate Finance team until 2012.

Tony regularly prepares and gives valuation evidence before the courts and other tribunals. He has broad experience in the valuation of business enterprises, shareholder’s equity and intellectual property, including brand names and trademarks.

Tony has prepared possibly in excess of 300 business and share valuations for non-litigious purposes, commercial litigation and to assist with Relationship Property settlements in both Sydney and Auckland. He is familiar with the Family Court process in New Zealand and has provided assistance on numerous occasions at Judicial Settlement Conferences and in Mediations.

As a specialist litigation support consultant, he is well versed in the identification and gathering of factual data (including external fact finding) and assisting in the development of case strategy. Acting as expert witness or advocate consultant, Tony is able to clearly communicate complicated accounting and business principles. He has presented expert testimony in the Family, District and High Courts in both New Zealand and New South Wales and at mediation and Judicial Settlement proceedings.

Tony has also assisted with the preparation of a number of Independent Appraisal and Advisor reports for the Australian and New Zealand Stock Exchanges and the Takeovers Panel.